"George, send me a free book!"

I have handed out close to 1 Million books over the past several decades. Will you help me reach my goal - and beyond - by ordering a free book today? It's simple. Just email [email protected] with your mailing address, and you'll get a book in your mailbox!

Who is my "go-fer"?

Currently, Micha Orth is my go-fer. He's with me when I travel, 24/7. Thanks, Micha!

"How can I help the global ministry?"

The easiest way is using the "OM Giving" page. This will automatically flag your donation as for Special Projects. And, THANK YOU in advance! here!

The Special Projects Team

Drena Verwer

Database Management

Forest Hill Office

Post; Weekly Prayer Meetings

Gerry & Jean Davey


Micha Orth

Helper; "go-fer"

Pam & Dave White

Finance; Deal Book Room

Pat & Lisa Tracy

Project research; Networking

Vera Zabramski

Vera is my Executive Assistant, keeping my schedule, contacts, and communications in order, usually from West Wickham UK and sometimes from Wisconsin, USA.